Future of “$COF”

2 min readMay 29, 2023


In Cryptoforce, players can easily transfer the COF tokens they earn while playing the game to their Metamask wallets(60% completed)

Additionally, NFTs obtained in the game can be transferred to the game wallet and withdrawn to be listed on our website or transferred to another wallet(in June2023)

Here are some activities through which players can earn COF tokens

1. 1v1 Arena: Players can participate in one-on-one battles within the game, and based on their performance and results, they can earn COF tokens as rewards

2. Story Mode: Cryptoforce have a story-driven gameplay mode where players progress through various levels or missions. By completing these story missions, players can earn COF tokens as they advance in the game

3. Search and Destroy: The main objective of the mode is for the attacking team to plant the bomb while the defending team tries to prevent or defuse it. If the attacking team successfully plants the bomb, the defending team will make efforts to disable it.

4. COF Boxes: COF rewards can be included in special COF boxes or loot crates that players can purchase or obtain in-game. These boxes can contain random rewards, including COF tokens

5. Tournaments: Cryptoforce host tournaments where players compete against each other for top positions. Winners or high-ranking participants can be rewarded with COF tokens based on their performance in the tournament

6. Costume Achievements: Players can earn COF tokens by unlocking or achieving certain costumes within the game. However, the number of tokens earned through costume achievements limited to a daily cap of 10 matches to maintain balance and fairness




Enter Cryptoforce, a multiplayer FPS set in a world of crypto & high-tech warfare. Play to earn!